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Building the inbetweens of buying and selling an nft

We make it simple for builders and creators to connect with communities and NFT holders to work together and build infinite utilities to superscale Web 3 social networks.                                             

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NFT Collection

Froopyland presents ‘Two Boys’, our debut NFT collection. Linking curious contributors, pioneers & trailblazers to our laboratory of creation.

Gain early access to our tools, initiatives, partnerships & future collections!

License and Consent

Dapps, games, and community builders alike can easily obtain consent and licenses from NFT communities or holders to create characters,  derivative NFTs and appeal to their fans across Web 3. The possibilities are limited only by imagination!

Open IP

Derivative Co-Creation

Infinite Social & Utilities

With the ever-growing web3 movement that has taken the internet by storm, new formats, frameworks & possibilities of content & IP come into play.
We are helping to shape a new IP paradigm native to the internet by bringing it on-chain.
Froopyland is here to build the ‘in-between’, create fun and excitement within the web3 ecosystem while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Froopy News /001

NFT news update, Not Okay Bears & BAYC freeze!

Froopy News /002

Goblin Town has taken over!

Froopy News /003

Bored Ape Nazi Club...

Our Partners and Investors

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